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No personal data as names, gender or age. Only what's relevant: The skills you bring to the table.

Skillmaps focus on WHAT you have done - not WHERE you have done it

Every skillmap is unique, as you are. Create your skillmap in a few minutes by entering your skills, how regular you applied them and tell something about your tasks or projects.
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The Job-Ads CV paradox

Why the focus of current CVs does not match the job-ads demand

What job ads demand:

The normal qualification section of job-ads consists usually of the following, as these two example positions of two big tech giants reveal:

job ad paradox

One bullet point about University degrees

One bullet point about field or branch experience

3-10 bullet points about your hard skills

Job requirements are at least 60% about skills

What current CVs provide:

CVs are mainly about WHERE a person worked, not WHAT the person has done and which skills were applied. Here are two CVs, that present the standard structure:

job ad paradox

Focus on Employer names and job titles

Focus on University names and degrees

Small skill section

Only 10-20% of CV content is about skills

Solution: Higher focus on your skills

Meet the criteria of job-ads and enrich your CV with a skillmap.

CVs skill section

Integrate a skillmap into your CV

Through the implementation of a skillmap into your CV, you directly enlarge the focus on your skills, not only visually. Present your strengths and capabilities adequately and show what you have done.

Powerful CV examples

How to boost your CV with a skillmap

Resumes can be interesting, unique, interactive and exciting: with a skillmap.

Skills ratings based on four pillars with separate scales,
NOT universally on the levels “beginner”, ”intermediate”, “expert”

Focus on what you have done,
NOT where you have done it.

Skills are rated on a standardized comparable scale,
NOT on a subjective and volatile scale or infograph.

Skills are visualised in a coherent overview,
NOT in an incoherent and boring list.

happy applicant

The Four Pillars of your Skills

all regarded in your skillmap, of course

The four pillars of your skills Learn more

Success Stories

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